It has been five years since the Day of Mourning, when the entire nation of Cyre and her teeming populace was blotted out in a single arcane apocalypse, unmatched since the dragon-giant wars wracked ancient Xen’drik.

It has been four years since the remaining Five Nations, brutalized by over a century of warfare, grudgingly ended the Last War. None have claimed responsibility for the Day of Mourning. All are terrified that their nation will be next. And yet, old wounds remain, and old grievances. Everyone is suspicious. Everyone is afraid.

But you? You’re lucky. Between the sudden glut of unemployed veterans and the Last War’s lasting damage to economies and infrastructures, work can be mighty hard to come by. That’s why, when you heard the Twelve was hiring, you jumped at the chance. And you made the cut. So now you’re on Easy Street.

Of course, you still have to work. Of course, the Twelve is a mix of magic and mercantilism, which means they often like to stick their noses into dangerous things because who ever earned a copper doing what was safe or easy? And, of course, no one on the Committee ever got so far without picking up a healthy dose of better-you-than-me when it comes to that sort of thing, so really they just stick their lackeys’ noses into such things.

But this is the opportunity of a lifetime! With the dragonmarked houses backing, the Twelve offers the best funding, the best tools, and it’s far and away more prestigious than Morgrave University will ever be. So what if there’s danger? With the Twelve’s patronage, what’s the worst that could happen?

Rats' Alley

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