Colrac Hall

A solid block of red granite pierced through its northern half by a spire of the Glass Tower.

Home of the Stone Keepers. Three stories tall, with the spire adding a fourth. Entry hall ends in a mess of glass and rubble and the cracked facade of the spire. Two corridors are the only exits: one to the right, one to the left. The one to the right seems to be guarded by dogs and magic. The one to the left ends in an abrupt pit, then continues onward, although it’s clearly dirty and unused.

The top floor of the manor holds a strange little labyrinth that the dogs seem to run for exercise. So far, the only occupants seem to be 3 dogs, a small boy, and whatever is in the right-hand corridor.

The top (bottom?) floor of the spire holds the statue the group is pursuing. Now just to move it….

Colrac Hall

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